Unbreakable Mirror Wall Stickers




Do you want to add a wall of a mirror without fuss but sometimes you may not have the luxury of buying a big expensive wall mirror? Our Unbreakable Mirror Wall Stickers are the best solution for you! Having a mirror on the wall is essential. Designed to be lighter than glass that lowers the risk of damage or breaking.

It can be a creative home decoration and combination movable mirror at one! These can be easily applied to any smooth surface in your home thanks to the self-adhesive backing that comes with it. Enjoy the finished bright product with no installation tools needed

  • decorative and very clear – the reflective surface is just as clear as traditional glass mirrors’ one, with a silver, mirrored finish and a grey backing on the reverse that delivers a crisp reflective surface
  • right size – with various sizes that suit different applications for all commercial and household requirements
  • can be cut to the desired length you want
  • save money – wall mirror is also much more affordable than glass mirrors, so it’s an economical choice that is cost-effective
  • durable – it is also highly resistant to weather, so it’s a great solution for both indoor and outdoor applications
  • made of high-quality plastic for long-lasting use
  • self-adhesive – allows you to set up a mirror anywhere you want in a matter of minutes
  • with protective films – each plastic mirror comes with a protective film to prevent scratches, you need to peel the film before using
  • can also match the same size frames
  • impact resistance 10 times greater than an equivalent glass mirror

How to use:

  • just peel the back film and stick them to a perfectly smooth glass surface
  • then peel off the film in front to display a clear mirror effect

Small: 15.2 cm x 15.2 cm (6 in x 6 in)
Medium: 50.8 cm x 101.6 cm (20 in x 40 in)
Large: 50.8 cm x 203.2 cm (20 in x 80 in)
Note: it requires a perfectly smooth surface like glass, it doesn’t look good on rough wall or tiles
Package includes
: 9 / 16 / 1 x wall sticker