Cat Hamburger Bed




Your cat wants nothing better than to feel safe and secure in small, enclosed spaces.
Give your cat a lot of comfort and security with the Cat Hamburger Bed. It’s small, fluffy and soft — just the way your cat likes it.

Your feline friend would spend countless hours huddled inside the Cat Hamburger Bed because it’s …

• Small
• Enclosed
• Safe
• Soft
• Fluffy
• Comfortable
• Warm
• Convertible

If your cat prefers an open bed, then just take the detachable top off to create a more open cat bed.

This is so cute!

Give your cat a soft, comfy, small space to crawl into for security and comfort. Give him the Hamburger Cat Bed.

It’s just what the vet ordered. Watch as your cat spends countless hours curled up the fluffy and warm small enclosed space. You’ll love how the bed makes your cat feel invisible and secure.

You can also take off the top to make a more open bed. Get your cat’s dream bed here today!

Material: 100% Cotton
Material: shu velvet & sponge
Weight: 0.8kg